Mount Carmel Borough Council meets on the Monday prior to the third Thursday AND on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers which is located on the second floor of the Borough building located at 137 W. Fourth St.

The public is encouraged to attend.

As a matter of procedure, Borough Council addresses agenda items on the Monday prior to the next council meeting. Also, public comment on agenda items is welcomed at the beginning of each meeting. Public comment on items that are not listed on the current agenda are received at the end of the meeting. 

Although it is not required, if you would like to ask questions or provide comment at a council meeting, you are encouraged to contact the Borough Manager at least two business days prior to the next council meeting. This will assist Council to provide a response to your inquiry.

2017 Meeting dates are as follows

January 16 & 19

February 13 & 16

March 13 & 16

April 17 & 20

May 15 & 18

June 12 & 15

July 17 & 20

August 14 & 17

September 18 & 21

October 16 & 19

November 13 & 16

December 18 & 21